I specialise in pencil portraits of both people and animals. Most of the commissions I complete are highly detailed graphite drawings, but I also consider requests for colour drawings, or paintings in acrylic or watercolour paint.

As long as there is suitable reference material, it should be possible to create artwork from it, so if you would like a building, landscape or another subject to be depicted, I’m happy to chat about any ideas you might have.

“I work from photographs to create hand-drawn portraits, but I won’t faithfully duplicate them. I use source material to create a brand new piece of artwork that captures the character and spirit of the subject. I think that, even in highly finished and detailed artworks, it’s very important to be able to see the hand of the artist, with the little lines and marks that make drawings and paintings so unique.

Capturing the expression and personality of my subjects is the main goal for me. Therefore my drawings will always be a little sketchy around the edges, and you’ll be able to tell they’re drawings. They won’t be flat or dull copies of photographs all my portraits show my personal style, the character of the subject, and my unique approach to drawing.”



in short …

  • I’m based in the historic city of Dunfermline, which is in the Kingdom of Fife just north of Edinburgh, and I accept portrait commissions from all over the world.
  • I trained in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art,  gaining an MA (Hons) in the History of Art from the Edinburgh University in 1996 and an MPhil in Publishing from Stirling University in 1997.
  • I worked as a copy-editor in book publishing before turning my eye for detail back towards art – and rediscovering my love of drawing.